Sound Healing

Sound affects all three human levels of being: the physical, mental and spiritual.

The benefits of sound meditation are numerous and include:

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • lowering blood pressure
  • inducing deep relaxation and pain relief
  • calming overactive adrenals
  • increasing mental focus and emotional clarity
  • clearing and balancing the body’s energy centers 

I integrated Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls in 2014 into my meditation practice to bring more peace and balance into my life. Since then I have expanded my family of bowls and now work with them to help others on their healing journey.

Sound meditation healing work is available through in-person bodywork, distance healing sessions, and as part of the BodyMind Mentoring program.

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"Susannah is an amazing therapist and an extremely talented sound sound healer. Her ability to help heal the mind, body and spirit is amazing. Her extensive knowledge of body mechanics allows her to focus on healing the entire body allowing the mind to relax and the spirit to be peaceful. Her sound meditation are also amazing. Her intuition and connection to the Crystal Bowls give the meditation a wonderful relaxing and uplifting experience. Taking the time to experience her body work or listening to her work with the Crystal Bowls is an opportunity that should not be missed."
- Jodie C., MA