Distance Energy Work

If the pandemic has shown us anything these past few years, we’ve learned that we have the ability to connect with each other from a distance.  

Everything in the universe is energy and is connected by a universal field. Energy is not bound by the limitations of physical boundaries, space, or time -- opening up new ways for us to connect. Distance energy sessions are one of these ways.

Distance energy sessions can reduce stress and pain while increasing one’s energy, clarity and sense of relaxation. 

The distance energy work I practice is based on the practical application of Quantum Physics:

  1. We’ll begin by discussing what you would like to work on during your  session.
  2. Next, I’ll tune into your energy field and its rhythms.
  3. I’ll use different techniques to work on your unique issues.
  4. We’ll complete the session by grounding the work we have done together so you feel centered and balanced.

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"Susannah is a deeply attuned practitioner, her relaxed sense of awareness, patience and care come through in every session. After each session there is a palatable shift, leaving a calm, peaceful space which one can't help but carry into life. Overall, always am left feeling more at ease and resourced after our sessions. Susannah is a rare gem, very grateful for her presence and dedication to her practice, it's evident in her work."
- Muktha, Los Angeles

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