Body/Mind Mentoring

It’s your time.

Are you looking to reduce the stress and pain in your life so you have the space and energy to create more of what you want?  Are you having difficulty getting clear on your goals?

Body Mind Mentoring is a journey of reawakening of your body's voice and innate wisdom.

You’ll experience the power of aligning your heart with your brain, and you’ll learn how that connection can help you make decisions from a more grounded and empowered space.

Body Mind Mentoring allows you to:

  • Move forward toward your goals
  • Find inner peace
  • Reduce stress
  • Gain clarity

It’s your time to start moving into inner stillness and self-trust.

You’ll be guided to:

  • Integrate the connection between your thoughts and feelings
  • Honor the sacred humanness within you
  • Create a new way of being through awareness with meditation, breath work, sound and energy work
  • Create daily rituals that support and nurture you.
  • Set Clear Intentions
  • Appreciate the Beauty of the Pause

Remember, mistakes are learning opportunities, and are only mistakes when we don’t learn from them and use that knowledge to move forward.

It’s your time.

You can’t experience growth without resistance. Transformation begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

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"The coaching session with Susannah helped me clarify my goals and really feel in my body what I wanted and why. Her friendly warm gentle manner immediately put me at ease. She provided me with creative suggestions and practical ways to solidify my goals in a body-centered way that felt right to me. She was very encouraging, supportive, and non-judgmental. I feel inspired to move forward where before her session I procrastinated and felt uninspired and stuck. Now I am implementing my goals every day and I feel happier and healthier because of my session with Susannah."
Cindy D., Chicago IL


"Working with Susannah has strengthened my connection with my body and produced real results in stress and tension relief. She has taught me some important techniques to manage the anxiety I hold in my body which I still use now. Having biweekly discussions about my progress held me accountable, and made me more likely to practice what I learned. In this stressful time, this was a breath of fresh air."
- J. Ellis – Massachusetts